Acceptable Use Policy

Any attempt to use the sv-video Services to distribute harmful, false or misleading content or otherwise manipulate the sv-video Services for such purposes is strictly prohibited. If we determine that you are using or have used the sv-video Services for any form of misconduct, including violation of this Policy, we may restrict your ability to use our Platform, remove your Content, or terminate your account. Misconduct may also violate applicable laws and may result in legal action and civil and criminal penalties.


You may use the sv-video Services only in accordance with the sv-video Terms. If we suspend or revoke your privileges to use the sv-video Services, you will not be entitled to access them again until further notice, and any attempt to circumvent such access restrictions (e.g., by creating additional accounts or identities) is strictly prohibited and will result in the permanent deactivation of such accounts and their flagging for future enforcement purposes.

Never use the sv-video Services to distribute abusive, dangerous or illegal content

You are prohibited from using the sv-video Services to distribute or promote the following types of content (including, but not limited to, text, images, video, and audio):

Never engage in abusive, dangerous, or illegal behavior

You are prohibited from using the sv-video Services to engage in the following conduct:

Reporting abuse and violations

We encourage anyone who suspects that someone is tampering with the sv-video Services or violating our Terms of Service in any way to notify us. We investigate concerns thoroughly and take appropriate action, up to and including closing user accounts.
If you believe sv-video has misclassified your activity as misconduct, you may contact us and we will review your appeal.

Enforcement for non-compliance

sv-video is committed to protecting the user experience, and in doing so, our actions will reflect the spirit, not just the letter, of these Terms of Use. sv-video reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts or pause or remove content that we believe negatively impacts the user experience or the safety of our community, whether or not the conduct is expressly prohibited by these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use do not contain a comprehensive list of all types of content that sv-video may restrict or block, nor all the reasons sv-video may restrict or block content.